Things Egyptians Probably Want to Smuggle Inside Ducks

Via Sada El Balad


We’re going through a wonderland phase in Egypt where nothing sounds strange anymore, so when we read about a guy smuggling EGP 1,360,000 million inside ducks on his way to Kuwait, we were like meh! Can you please be a bit more creative?


This is a country where we can’t even afford grocery shopping anymore, where is all this money coming from? According to Sada ElBalad, smuggling money and drugs in food is currently a thing in Egypt. So let us share with you seven things that we expect our people to start smuggling soon in ducks:



iPhone 7 was basically made by Apple to fit the insides of a duck, which comes in handy after the new dollar rate


Via Apple



Yes, they will hide a MacBook Pro in a duck because it costs almost EGP 70,000


Via Apple



It’s so cold outside but coats are over EGP 3,000! Khabeeli wahed fe batta wenta rage3 men (shove some in ducks when you come back from) America 


Via Zara



Have you ever noticed how a Nescafe Gold jar shape is in complete harmony with the shape of a duck?


Via Nescafe



Another jar that is a match made in heaven is our sweet heavenly Nutella


Via Nutella



With our sugar crisis, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was smuggled inside ducks this month


Via tumblr



Rumor is a Picanto car can be disassembled into a thousand pieces and smuggled into 6-7 ducks. There you go!


Via Kia



WE SAID THIS: Ducks were the answers all along!


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