7 Daily Habits Egyptians Should Quit

We all do things that we know we shouldn’t, but don’t be too hard on yourself and try to change all your flaws at once. To become a better person, you have to integrate change into your life gradually.

Aside from personal traits, we Egyptians have certain bad habits that nearly every single citizen in this country is addicted to, yet we really should quit.



We should stop blaming each other at all costs



Whenever a car accident happens, the first thing you see is the two drivers getting out of their cars and competing over who will scare the other more with his facial expression.



We should quit correcting each other



We seem to have an annoying habit of correcting each other for no good reason: “Yesterday we met Kareem at 6 and – ” A friend interrupts: “It was 6:30 not 6!” We will never understand this.



We should quit answering a question with a question whenever someone asks for directions



“Where is the central bank?” “Where did he tell you?” People are not Google maps.



We should quit looking down on waiters



When someone provides you with a service, you should thank him for it. In another life, he could have been the customer and you taking the order.



Vendors should quit treating customers like fools



Whenever you go to buy something, you find the sales person telling you the same things you hear everywhere, from, “It’s expensive because it’s imported, not like the local ones you will find everywhere else” to “I always sell it for 500 pounds, but I will sell it for 400 – just for you”.



Taxi drivers should quit exaggerating



“Such terrible streets and terrible traffic! I was once the U.S. president, but you know, we live in such a cruel world.”



We should stop being so classist



We all eat street food, the kind of food that people consider as low-class nourishment. We hate when people act like they are disgusted when they smell kebda and sogo2 – you know you love it! 3eesh 3eeshet ahlak!



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