6 Ways to Stay Creative and Get Inspired on a Daily Basis

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If you’re an artist, writer, designer or any sort of creative, then you’ve probably experienced creative blocks hundreds of times before. One of the main daily challenges in the life of any kind of artist, is how to stay creative and be able to generate new ideas easily. We’ve compiled a list of eight tricks to help you overcome this block.


Keep a journal/notebook


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Get a pocket-sized notebook that you can carry around at all times so you could record any ideas straight away while they’re still fresh.



Free writing


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It has been scientifically proven that writing lets you access more parts of your brain. Since your brain is a muscle, after all, it needs a good workout every now and again. Free writing will enable you to let random thoughts out that might generate a stream of ideas. It’s basically the equivalent of brainstorming with yourself.



Follow inspiration


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Get yourself exposed to inspiring content everyday. Follow Instagram accounts that are relevant to what you do and create mood boards on Pinterest. Read a lot, articles will keep you up to date with what’s new and what’s in. In addition, books will take you to places you’ve never been before, as well as introduce you to wonderful characters. Another useful thing you could do, especially if you’re a writer, read a page from the dictionary everyday. You’ll stumble upon new vocabulary all the time.



Technology detox


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The amount of technology we’re surrounded with turns us into robots. It makes everything so easy to the extent that we no longer have to think. You need to disconnect from time to time and interact with people. It would even be better to surround yourself with creative minds — this way you could exchange ideas and inspire each other.



Maintain a healthy lifestyle


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Increased blood flow definitely affects your brain and will keep the creative ideas coming. To keep yourself going, you need your body to be healthy. Eat well and improve your diet. Exercise even if you’ll end up just going for a walk. Most importantly, get enough sleep, you need it.



Take a break


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When you reach the point where you can’t deal anymore, don’t force yourself to think because you won’t be able to come up with creative ideas as long as you’re stressed. Take a break by listening to music or watching a movie, just expose yourself to any form of art.



WE SAID THIS: Oh, and no matter what happens, keep doing you.