5 Reactions of Fans that are in Love with Emirates NBD’s Latest Ad Campaign

Via Youtube

Egyptians have always been known for their sense of humor, and they never fail to provide evidence to support this argument. You’ve probably noticed the buzz around Emirates NBD, so if you’re living under a rock, we’re going to break it down for you.

One of the largest banks in the Middle East, Emirates NBD, recently released an ad campaign, and the Egyptian people made it their responsibility to address the campaign. The campaign tackles three of their new features, Fawry Bill Payment, mePay, and external transfers.

Some described the videos as cringe-worthy, others described it as funny, but the most obvious thing is that it captured the attention of the Egyptian timelines.

One of Cairo’s leading influencers, Ali Ghozlan, used some creative and funny scenes from the ad campaign in his latest video. People loved how his video is both hilarious, beneficial, and tackled an important social issue.

We’ve compiled to you five of those fans’ reactions to the NBD ad campaign.

The Comment Reads: I think they’re going to be the next comedy stars.

The Comment Reads: Did Leithy pay all the bills and still owed money for Islam?

The Comment Reads: I literally panicked when the woman disappeared!

Here are the three epic videos, watch and enjoy.

WE SAID THIS: Funny, simple, and to the point!