Is Queens Royal Hospital Prioritizing a Shooting for ‘Kalabsh’ TV Series Over Their Patients?

Queens Royal Hospital is one of Egypt’s most go-to hospitals for childbirth. During that special time, mothers seek a place that can offer serenity, calmness, and hygiene for themselves and their newborns. It is always a disappointment when social media reminds us of how careless medical institutes can be when it comes to their patients’ best interests.

Facebook user, Carla Zarifa, just shared an extremely disturbing experience at the renowned hospital located in New Cairo. Allegedly, Queens Royal has turned into a shooting location for one of Ramadan’s biggest TV shows, Kalabsh, starring Amir Karara.

Via Carla Zarifa

Apparently, the shooting started yesterday and as expected, the corridors were nothing but chaos and screaming crew members. Not only is the situation a disaster for recovering patients, the smoking crew are endangering newborns in nurseries. From asking patients to stay quite inside their rooms to avoid disturbing the shooting and blocking the street and hospital corridors with equipment and that’s not all, the worst part is that the hospital went as far as turning off the emergency pull-strings attached to beds to avoid the noise.

Via Carla Zarifa
Via Carla Zarifa

Via Carla Zarifa
Via Carla Zarifa

WE SAID THIS: An easy solution would be keeping the crew locked on a separate floor with strict hygiene regulations.

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