These Egyptian Animal Shelters are Making a Difference … Will You?


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We hear many stories about abused animals everyday, but we never stop to think what happens afterwards. Many people devote their time and effort to heal those animals in need. Animal shelters dedicate a lot of efforts to help the miserable animals we do not care to aid. They commit every single pound donated to save more pets and support them with medical care. A cry for help to those animal lovers, it’s time for everyone to make a difference and take a step forward! So if you’re feeling like making your good deed of the day, we’ve collected five of the main pet shelters in Egypt that, with our efforts, make every abandoned animal’s life better.


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ESMA is a non-profit organization committed to improving animal welfare in all districts in Egypt that need help. The animals they help include: dogs, cats, donkeys, and horses. They also assist with taking care of the animals in the Giza zoo.

You can call 0100 098 7062 or visit their Facebook page


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Cart is animal rescue non profit organization that rescue animals from streets, they own animal shelters, animal ambulances, and an animal hospital. Their Cairo Animal Rescue Team is the only rescue team in Egypt that is specialized in rescuing injured animals or protecting the abused ones. 

You can call 0100 098 7062 or visit their Facebook page


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HOPE is an organization aiming to rescue stray animals and work on pledging the necessary resources for a national TNR campaigns to end the misery of strays in Egypt.

To contact them visit their official website: , call 0100 667 8878 or visit their Facebook page

Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs in Egypt

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Unleashed Rescue and Rehabilitation for stray dogs in Egypt is an independent facility that rescues and provides treatment for abused and abandoned dogs.

Connect to them through their Facebook page

Animal Protection Foundation

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APF are dedicated to re-homing animals and making sure they get secure living environments. They also, discourage puppy mills, exploitative breeding, and accentuate the merits of the native Baladi Dog.

You can contact them through their Facebook page

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