5 Common Hair Care Myths


You think that brushing your hair 100 times a day will make it look more beautiful? Think again, there’s a lot of hair care myths out there that we just follow without knowing what’s actually true and what’s not. Read on as we reveal the truth behind five common hair care myths.


1. Cutting your hair regularly will make it grow faster.

I’ve always heard that you should go for a trim every six weeks to help your hair grow faster. Well, turns out it’s wrong. Hair actually grows an average of half an inch per month whether you have it trimmed or not, the only difference is that trimming takes away your split ends so you end up with healthier looking hair. So don’t stop the regular salon visits to get a trim, a hair trim won’t send signals to your roots to grow faster, but it will leave you with healthier hair.


2. If you pull out a grey hair, you will get a couple more to appear.

Spotting your first grey hair is a nightmare. The first reaction is staring at the mirror, getting so tempted to pluck it out, but a voice in your head tells you that if you pull out a grey hair, a dozen more will appear. That’s false! Each hair grows out of one hair follicle, so if you pull out one white hair, only one white hair will replace it. However, pulling out your hair is a bad habit as it damages your roots and might affect your hair growth. If you have the urge to pull it out, then just use scissors and cut it off near its root.


3. You can repair split ends by using certain hair products.

No, you cannot repair split ends by using certain hair products. The only cure to split ends is to cut them off! No matter how much a hair product promises to fix split ends, the ugly truth is it actually won’t. Applying hair products can only make the split ends less noticeable, by temporarily sealing the ends together for a smoother look.


4. Switch up your hair products regularly because your hair will get used to them.

I’m personally a victim of that haircare myth, I change my shampoo and conditioner every couple of months because I’ve always ‘heard’ that I should do so. Turns out using the same shampoo and conditioner over and over won’t lessen their effect or make their magic stop working. If you happen to feel that the hair products you’re using aren’t effective, then probably you’re using the wrong type. Give your hair a break by using a clarifying shampoo to remove any residues and then try out new hair products.


5. You should brush your hair 100 times a day.

Sitting in front of your bedroom dresser brushing your hair over and over won’t give you Rapunzel hair. Over-brushing your hair won’t make it healthier or shinier, it will only weaken it and might increase the chances of hair loss. Brushing your hair is mandatory to untangle it, also it helps in stimulating the scalp to produce natural essential oils. Take care while brushing your hair when it’s wet, that’s when the hair is at its weakest, trade in your brush for a comb.


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