Hair Tips for Hijab



Wearing Hijab is such a beautiful expression of commitment and religious tradition. In a country with weather like ours, ladies who are wearing Hijab might be facing some problems. While overcoming the high temperature with light layers and AC, Hijab ladies hair might be still suffering. Now that we know that hair is every lady’s crown, here are tips for Hijab ladies to a healthy hair.

Split ends can be fought easily. Always leave your hair in a loose bun under your veil. The loose bun will ensure your hair is not frizzing under your veil. The best fabric to choose for your veil to prevent split ends is silk. The micro fibers in silk will keep the friction between your hair and the fabric to the minimal and that will prevent breakage to your hair while touching the veil.

Always after washing and conditioning your hair, seal the ends of your hair with natural oil to prevent splitting. Olive oil or coconut oil are the best choices to seal your condition in and to protect it from heat.

Dandruff is not a losing battle. Wash your hair regularly and make sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner that are made for your hair type and that are have few chemicals as well. A smart trick to fight dandruff is to crush a couple of aspirins in your shampoo and massage your scalp while focusing on the irritated areas.

You might not even have real dandruff and it could be just a product built up, in that case you need to minimize your hair chemical intake and go organic. If you are facing a real problem with fungus, consulting a dermatologist is the best option.

Great thing that you’re not under the pressure to use hair straighteners on your hair. Your hair needs to breath more and straightening it with extremely hot irons doesn’t help. While you’re at home, keep your hair loose and don’t cover it, that way it will fuel up on air and not suffocate.

Make sure to deep condition your hair at least once every two weeks. Natural homemade masks will feed your hair and make it a heat resistance machine. The most important tip is to keep treating your hair well and never say nobody will ever see it so why should I care.