‫#‏اخترت_صحتى :How to Transform Your Favourite Dishes Into Healthy Ones

Eating healthy isn’t as difficult as we make it seem. There are so many easy recipes that you can make to turn your eating habits into healthy ones.

Nestle Egypt has made it so much easier for us with the aid of Chef Mai Yacoubi in easy-to-follow short videos on how that will get you on the right track. Don’t forget to post your healthy recipes using the hashtag ‫#‏اخترت_صحتى



Pancakes with Apple


Starting from 0:20 of the video, Chef Mai shows us how to make healthy sweet pancakes in the easiest way possible.





Check out minute 02:30 to see how your favourite dip can be made with the lowest amount.



Grilled Fish and Sauteed Vegetables


Starting from 01:30, Chef Mai shows us how to eat fish the healthy way!



Grilled Kobeba


Kobeba doesn’t have to be fried. Starting from 01:30, chef Mai shows us how to eat kobeba the healthy way.



Macarona Bashamel


Just because you’re eating healthy, it doesn’t mean you need to stop eating the things you love. Everything can be made into a healthier version, even macarona bashamel!



Homemade Popcorn


The next time you have friends over, this is the snack you should be eating! Go to 01:25 of the video to see how it’s done.





You’ll be happy to know that mesa2a3a doesn’t have to be crossed off the list. In minute 3:45, Chef Mai does our favourite Egyptian dish without feeling guilty.



And last, but not least, Chocolate Banana Split! 


Your sugar cravings will not be painful any longer! In minute 04:00, your sweet tooth will be happy to see Chef Mai making chocolate banana splits!


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