The Ultimate Playlist To Get You Pumped For Sandbox 2018

If you’re looking forward to Sandbox 2018 and you’re counting days till the big day, we’ve come to you with the ultimate playlist for the weekend. Here are some of our favorite picks by some of the artists in the lineup. These will do the trick and will get you warmed up for the real thing. So, get your speakers ready and your party mode on!

1. HVOB – Cool Melt

This Austrian duo is known for their emotive melancholic melodies; and their visuals as you can see.

2. Aly Goede- Sea

If you’re into mystical ethereal melodies, this is definitely your guy!

3. Charlotte de Witte – This

Belgian DJ and Producer, Charlotte de Witte, is well-known for her quite intense sets. We’re assuming that by the time she performs, you’ll be reaching the festival’s climax.

4. DJ Tennis – Ah! Isobel

Even though Italian, Manfredi Romano, also known as DJ Tennis, started off with punk and indie-rock, he eventually found his true self with electronic music; and he’s really good at it!

5. Chaos In The CBD – North Pole Cafe

The brothers, based in New Zealand, are well known for their catchy rhythms and melodious beats. This soundtrack will get you warmed up and will surely put you in a good mood.

6. Session Victim – Bring It Back

This German duo devoted to vinyl DJing reimagine genres; that might not even cross your minds, in their own way. The results are sensational.

7. Adham Zahran & Hisham Zahran – Purple Sunday

Even though the brothers are a bit different in their music, their love and passion towards it are easily noticed in their work; whether in their personal sets or in their collaborations.

8. Kerala Dust – Motions

This London based trio is known for deep, mysterious, and non-traditional music. This soundtrack will surely get you grooving!

9. Mall Grab – Feel Good House

The young uprising talent’s sets are full of energy; that’s exactly what you need to turn your party mode on!

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