20+ Things You’ll Only Understand If You Have a Niece or Nephew

Whether you like kids or not, when your sister or brother decides to have one, you’re part of the package, too!

And even though you want to smother them in their sleep sometimes, the bond you make with those little ones is irreplaceable.

So if you’re an auntie or an uncle, here are just some of the things you’ll relate to:



No matter how old you are, if your niece/nephew hands you a toy phone, you’ll always pick up!



It’s amazing how they manage to bring out the kid inside you.



Bribing your niece/nephew is totally legit



Ice cream can get pretty much ANYTHING done!



There is no such thing as “just ignore them”



They have this incredible ability of doing/saying the same thing over and over and over and over again until you go insane!



You should get credit for not killing them at times



When they’re whining non-stop and just screaming their head off, we deserve a trophy for not silencing them FOREVER!



When they’re throwing a tantrum, you’ll be glad you’re not their mother



Just give them back to the person who brought them into this world in the first place!



The secrets you keep from their parents make your bond so much stronger



The best part is that they’ll come to you for help when they know their parents would kill them and you’ll get all the juicy details that they wouldn’t even imagine thinking in front of their mum.



They’re some of your most favourite people even though they don’t share the same interests or understand your needs, but they just bring out the child inside you and make you smile



It’s kind of surprising how much fun you can have with someone that’s shorter than your knees.



There is no such thing as “I’m too tired” for something



Just back from a long day at work? Not their fault. They’ll still make you play catch, hide and seek and listen to the noisiest band they just created. Do kids EVER sleep?



They DON’T take no for an answer



They’ll keep nagging and whining until they get what they want, so if their mum isn’t looking, just give it to them and save yourself the headache.



Those moments of silence are PRECIOUS, but dangerous



What is that I hear? Nothing?! Have I gone deaf? Or is someone doing something really sneaky?



Kissing away the pain actually makes it go away



It’s just so cute how when they’re really hurt, they won’t stop crying until you kiss the injury. Maybe magic really does exist!



There’s no exhaustion equivalent to that of a day spent with kids



There’s no shame in sleeping at 9 PM after you’ve been on piggy back duty all day! Running around or just being with kids all day completely drains you out.



Nothing you own is solely your property anymore



Whether it’s a sandwich you’re eating or your most cherished toy, when a niece or nephew eyes it, you’ll give it up in a jiffy.



Kids are actually smart



The dumb act they put on of being a kid, is just that: an act! They get away with so much on purpose because they’re smart little devils.



Kids’ reasoning is life changing



The simplicity in which they see things and the analysis and explanations they give hit you in the face with their accurateness.



You realize that the little things matter


Mother and daughter hugging outdoors

When they stop crying because you give them a hug or get upset because you were too busy working or get excited for getting them a new toy, you realize how every little thing matters.



And that at the end of the day, putting a smile on a kid’s face is true happiness



If you can manage to make a kid smile, you still have a purpose in life.



There are other people who will always come first



No matter what you’re feeling, needing or going through, you’ll always be ready to put these little ones first.



Broken hearts are fixable



When you see how heartbroken they are and how fast they recover, it makes you realize it is actually possible to move on.



They’re the most genuine creatures on this planet



The affection they have for you is real, sincere and they have no problem at all calling you out on your bullshit or telling you how horrendous your outfit is. Looking for the truth? Ask a kid (or me).



Believe it or not, you’re someone’s idol



And everything you say or do leaves a mark on them! So watch your language, they’ll pick it up faster than you realize.



Last but not least, being an aunt/uncle is way cooler than being a mom/dad and you never ever need to have kids 



And you get free hugs too!



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