13 Boggling Facts on the Evolution of Makeup and Self Care

Makeup literally makes up a huge part of a woman’s life. As a girl turns into a woman, her interest in makeup and self-care takes on a different form. The experience with makeup in the modern day has taken an almost 360 degree transformation compared to women a thousand years ago. In fact, it’s also different for men as well. Yes, men used to wear makeup too before. So, here are 13 facts about makeup and self-care that will astound you!

Makeup and self-care

  • Makeup was first invented by Egyptians, and women would apply kohl on their eyes and eyelashes.
  • Nail polish was first invented in China around 3000 B.C. using egg whites, beeswax, and colored powder. The different colors also symbolized different characteristics. For example, people from an elite class wore specific colors.
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  • Back in the Elizabethan era, people used coal tar as eyeliner and mascara. Since it was flammable material, some people went blind because of it.
  • The cool tan wasn’t really a thing until Coco Chanel got sunburnt on the beach. Once the sunburn faded and she was left with a tan, women adored the look, and tanning soon after became something to strive for. As a result of that, the fake tan spray erupted as well.
  • Females removing their underarm hair started in 1915, when a woman appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine with hairless armpits.
  • Beauty marks became beautiful at some point in time, and women drew them with patches of black velvet.
  • The first roll-on deodorant ever was invented in 1952.
  • Women spend about $15,000 throughout their lifetime on beauty cosmetics.
  • Perfume was first invented by Egyptians, who used it cosmetically and medically.
  • Any mark on the face, be it a mole, freckles, or any lines were deemed unpreferable, and women used fresh urine and crocodile fat in order to remove them.
  • Cleopatra first created the signature look of the cat eye/winger eyeliner when she applied kohl on her eyes.
How to get winged eyeliner even
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  • Throughout the Victorian era, cosmetics were considered as the “devil’s making,” and was associated with women who were prostitutes and of questionable morals.
  • During the 1400’s and 1500’s, it was preferable for women to be completely hairless. If they didn’t remove the hair, they at least covered it with makeup. Do you remember seeing the Mona Lisa with eyebrows?

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