The Wolf Cut: A Middle Eastern Based Stylist’s Take on it

This season, there’s a new haircut in style. Remember the mullet, that edgy haircut that David Bowie rocked? Remember the shag haircut Joan Jett always had? Well now, Gen Z is taking this to a whole new level, mixing both of those haircuts, and introducing: the wolf cut! It’s the hottest trendy haircut at the moment, with thousands of people cutting their hair online and sharing it with the world.

Google searches regarding the new haircut increased 100% in 2021, in comparison with 2020. Additionally, the term ‘wolf cut’ has seen an increase of 88% on Pinterest this year. Also, the hairstyle has been viewed more than 100 million times on TikTok. The best part about it is that it’s a unisex style. On top of that, a singer from the band BTS also has this hairstyle, and girls on TikTok have been giving themselves the cut online.

On Tiktok and YouTube, teens tie their hair up unicorn style, and chop away a part of the ponytail. When they let their hair loose, it comes down in multiple layers, looking choppy, which is exactly the desired look. Meanwhile, most of the people that have tried to do it and filmed it online seem to be very satisfied with the result. Some people also get the haircut professionally, and share studio-lit pictures of their new haircut.

The wolf cut

What do hairstylists think?

It gets even better though, as this haircut is suitable for every hair type. Moreover, it’s required to look messy, has volume, and works for curly-haired folks. Those with straight hair might struggle with it and need to style it, but that’s precisely the beauty. However, it’s easy, just wash your hair and go; it’s a low-maintenance haircut after all.

Adam Grier, the senior stylist at Pastels Salon Ritz Carlton in Dubai said, “I love it. It’s edgy, cool, and current. It’s been around for a while in fashion capitals such as London and is becoming more visible elsewhere as it translates into the mainstream.”

He continued saying, “This will work on pretty much every hair type and it gives a lot of movement and texture. If you have thick hair, this style will work because it comprises lots of layers, which can texturize thick hair. For those with fine hair, the addition of layers adds volume.”

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