12 #SummerEssential Items for the Best Summer Ever!

summer essential

We all love the season of sun, sea and sand. Especially because with the right ingredients, you can’t go wrong!

Here’s a list of 12 things no summer should be without:



Tanning Oil


summer essential

Because for some reason, everyone just looks better tanned and golden brown.





summer essential

Because no thanks, skin cancer.



Summer Reads


summer essential

Because people who read for leisure are sexy.





summer essential

Because obviously.



Tote Bag


summer essential

Because you’ll need something cute to carry all your summer essentials around.



Anklets and Toe Rings


summer essential

Because you’ll be in flip flops most of the time. Why not treat yourself to new sandals while you’re at it, The Dressing Room Egypt at Hacienda Bay in Egypt’s North Coast has a fantastic collection.



Toys for the Water


summer essential

Because you’ll have serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) syndrome without them.





summer essential

Because you know it would make your Instagram #summeressential posts look a hundred times cooler. Head to Hacienda Bay’s Capture Zone, where they have SelfieSticks, GoPros and Polaroid Cameras for all of your beach selfie needs.



Summer Playlist


summer essential

Because the season of sun, sea and sand deserves its own tunes.





summer essential

Because why not look stylish while shading your face.





summer essential

Because fresh, ripe, juicy watermelon on a hot summer day = heaven in your mouth. Add feta or halloumi and you’ve got a party.



Beach Time


summer essential hacienda bay

From weekends spent at Hacienda Bay in Egypt’s North Coast to day trips to the beach clubs of Beirut, it isn’t summer without as many seaside getaways as possible.



Partners in Crime


summer essential

Because it wouldn’t be the same without your loud, crazy, loveable crew.



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