11 Things Egyptian 20-Somethings Living With Their Parents Can Relate To

1. Even though you are a grown adult you still need permission when going out.

Picture 63

“baba, mmkn a5rog m3 sa7beti?” to which you get something like, “3shan eh?”

Really, 3shan eh? “3shan 7nshrb mo5darat ya baba”

Next time inform them, don’t ask for permission. Claim some authority for yourself and your own life. Time to graduate from being a doormat.


2. Constantly being told how to do things. “enty btknesy ezay, mt3lemteesh 7aga 5ales?”

Picture 64

As if having the skills to sweep properly will raise your level of success in this world. I mean, you’re living with your parents – that should already say something. Let’s not rub in my utterly terrible cleaning skills.


3. Nodding like you care, and holding in an enormous amount of rage every time your father talks about how he walked five kilometers to school every day in the blazing heat to prove his tough exterior and your Western feebleness.

Picture 65


4. Being treated like an ambassador for your whole family.

Picture 67

“El nas te2ool 3alena eh” as if you have brought some irreversible shame upon the family. You said something inappropriate, you disagreed with a family friend, you didn’t go to that important wedding, or your pants are too tight. Don’t feel ashamed because they tell you to. You decide what’s right for yourself.


5. When they see you reading an English book they think you’re being brainwashed by the West.

Picture 68

Yeah, Dad, reading Harry Potter is really brainwashing my ideals. Thanks for the tip.


6. God forbid they see you on the computer, “oomy shofy el wareky badal el zeft da”.

Picture 69

This just really reassures you of your degrading recluse state. Time to move out.


7. Always being told “elbesy jacket 3shan mata5desh bard”, despite the fact that it’s 28 degrees Celsius outside.

Picture 70

But somehow, they are convinced that wearing a jacket will protect you from the impenetrable cold of the outside world. They completely disregard the fact that you are no longer a child waiting for instructions on how to dress. That page should have closed a long time ago.


8. Being abrasively reprimanded for an honest mistake.

Picture 71

“ana olt kozbara msh shabat!! Mabtfhamesh!”

“la2 ana 3ndy 22 sana wmsh bafham 7aga 5ales.”

It’s like the world has shattered to a million pieces.


9. Somehow you are never good enough. Especially if you are one of the unlucky ones without a job.

Picture 72

“shofy bt e geran, mwazafa, ma5tooba, w btsa3d omaha fl bet kaman”

Thanks for the comparison, just what I needed at this stage in my life. Like I don’t realize “el atr mashy mn3’eery”.


10. You are not married so they constantly nag you with suitors and force you to go to strange gatherings because some potential candidate might be present.

Picture 73

This sums up your reaction. I’ll find someone for myself, thanks walahi.


11. If you’ve just graduated college, time for a job. If you have a job, it’s a life partner. If there exists a life partner, it’s marriage. If you’re married, it’s kids.

Picture 75

This is how we all feel. Instead of celebrating success we wallow in what we don’t yet have. Parents need to learn to lower their expectations. Please, Mom and Dad, keep them few and far between.


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