10 Ways to Enjoy Summer Without the Social Pressure That Comes With it

Whether you go to Sahel, Gouna, or Ras Sudr, there is often a level of social anxiety driven by a need to show-off your summer, rather than enjoy it. Given the need to be a part of the coolest and trendiest activities, we have often forgotten how to simply, “live in the moment.” As cliché as that sounds, it is equally true. We have gathered for you here a bunch of things that may alleviate the social anxiety that comes with the summer season. 

Take a break from your phone

Stay unplugged for a while. Being around your phone all the time is not only mentally occupying, but it will distract you from enjoying your summer. ‘What are you doing today?’ can be triggering, because often you’ll be pushed to go out, not necessarily because you want to, but because you have to. It doesn’t mean leave your phone all day, but take some breaks, and let go of the need to know what everyone’s doing. 

Resist the need to share what you’re doing on social media 

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‘I have to capture this.’ ‘Repeat that funny thing you said.’ ‘Dance for the camera.’ The need to record all our activities is becoming toxic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with capturing the good moments. But, when our whole day is revolved around making our Instagram story look exciting, fun, and good, we have failed to live in these moments. 

Spend your time with sincere people 

It’s okay to cut out toxic people from your life, even if that means you’ll spend your night at home. Always, always, prioritize your time with people that care for you, not ones that will meaninglessly fill your evening. 

Embrace your beach hair

Beach hair is sexy enough on its own. You don’t need to go to a hair dresser, and you don’t need to straighten it. Go after the natural look, and let go of the need to polish yourself, because fun in itself is unpolished. 

Don’t compare your activities to those of others 

You don’t need to know what everyone else is doing, and you definitely don’t need to make sure that what you’re doing is more exciting than them. This can be very triggering. If they’re going to a party, that doesn’t mean you have to as well. A night in bed, or whatever you feel like doing – party or not – should be driven by what you want to do, not by the standards of others. 

Don’t invest all your energy getting into the best clubs 

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‘Did you get a ticket to kikis?’ Getting a ticket into the most exclusive clubs is not what summer is all about. We get that it can be provocative to be the one who ‘couldn’t get in.’ But, if you focus all your summer on this very aspect, you’ll be missing other moments of genuine happiness. 

Put makeup for yourself 

No need to put on makeup to look good for others. If you want to doll up, that’s great, but get yourself into the habit of doing it because you want to. And if you feel like going for the natural look, that’s fine too. Just make sure you don’t get pre-occupied trying to impress others, because it will never be enough. 

Don’t edit your pictures

We don’t mean ‘no filter.’ Who are we kidding? We all do that. But, don’t try too hard to be someone you’re not, just embrace who you are and the way you look. And we only say this because, if you revolve your mentality around looking the best, you will always feel insufficient in doing so. 

Keep your plans limited

You don’t need to be involved in everything. You need to be involved with yourself. As tempting as it is not to do that, you need to learn that it’s okay not to be a part of the crowd consistently. 

Wear whatever makes you comfortable 

It’s summer! So the flexibility to wear whatever you want is surely widened. Dress up for yourself. Whatever it is, people will judge anyway. So do you, be you, and remember to experience your summer rather than present it to others.  

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