10 Things Egyptians Discover When Traveling Abroad!

After living in Egypt for so long, there are many things we accept as normal because well, we don’t know better. We’ve gotten so used to the circumstances in which we live that we’ve accepted them and adapted accordingly. But sometimes, all it takes is getting out of your comfort zone to realize what these little things are.

Fresh air is not a luxury


Of course, it depends on the destination you’re heading to, but in most countries, the air you breathe is so pure that you don’t actually have to put so much effort into breathing! Instead of gasping for breath or covering your nose to avoid the pollution, you just inhale the purity of the air. Oh oxygen, where have you been our entire lives?

Respect isn’t something you ask for

Jugendliche verschiedener ethnischer Gruppen auf einem Schulhof

Not everyone is discriminatory, but in most cases, people just don’t care whether you’re black, white, Muslim or Christian. People just pass by you without giving you a second glance.

Of course, there are some cases or certain places where this isn’t the case, but overall, in comparison to what we’re used to seeing in Egypt, people have a lot more respect for humans, regardless of the colour of their skin or which God they choose to worship.

Thank God for Egyptian food

A patron shows a grasshopper burger piled high with dried crickets and mealworms June 4, 2014 during a global Pestaurant event sponsored by Ehrlich Pest Control, held at the Occidental Restaurant in Washington, DC. For one day only, pop-up Pestaurants will appear in cities across the globe to offer sweet and savoury edible insects, grasshopper burgers and much more. Ehrlich Pest Control will be donating $5 USD to DC Central Kitchen for every person who eats something at the event. AFP PHOTO / Karen BLEIER

There aren’t many places you can go to in Egypt where you won’t find at least something you can eat. Whether it’s because of our diverse cuisine or because our food actually tastes nice, you’ll always find something edible. You don’t need to worry about whether it’s Halal or not, or what that unusual smell cooking in the kitchen is. In other words, ily ne3rafo a7san min ily mane3rafosh, especially when it looks or smells disgusting!

 You don’t need to exercise


You walk to the station, you walk to the bus stop, you walk to your destination or you just walk in the streets, enjoying the greenery. With all that walking, you’ve done enough exercise for the day!

Comfortable shoes are essential


Forget about looking pretty, when walking becomes a daily part of your life, what is important is that your feet aren’t sore! So forget about those heels and get your trainers out, because they’re about to become your best friend.

There is more to life than just food

Hiking in the Bugaboos, Banff National Park.

Of course, food will always be an essential part of our lives, but when exploration and cultural discovery is possible, food takes the passenger seat for a change. Who would’ve thought you can go somewhere other than the restaurant around the corner?

Getting lost is an adventure


Usually getting lost is so frustrating because of the traffic, because you have meetings, need to be somewhere at a certain time or are just too tired to waste more time in the car. But when you’re on your feet or trying to figure out how to get somewhere, getting lost is one of the best ways to discover the city you’re visiting. Some of the best memories I’ve had and the most interesting places I’ve stumbled upon I only found because I was lost. So the next time you’re lost, don’t panic!

Nature is breathtakingly beautiful 


Seeing a massive amount of greenery is enough to make our eyes sparkle, since that is something we lack. But greenery, colourful flowers, lakes, mountains, valleys and sometimes even the sky itself and the beauty they hold is just more than we can even imagine.

Organization actually existsroute_s_1

Whether it’s the streets, the people, the underground or just the way things work, everything is organized in a manner that even though you haven’t been in that country for long, it’s very easy to follow the instructions. Of course, we have that in Egypt, too!

Language is not the only way of communication 


Not speaking the foreign language of the country is usually never an obstacle, because who needs a language when the best forms of communication are through smiles and sign language?

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