19 Types of Arabs You See on Vacation

If there’s one thing we Arabs are not, it’s subtle. Yes, you could probably spot us and our entire family from a mile away. Blending in is simply not something most Arabs tend to do, and if you want proof of that, then just watch us when we’re on holiday.

When Arabs venture outside of the Middle East, you get to see a bunch of different personalities that broaden the list of stereotypes you thought you already knew!

Here are 19 types of Arabs you see on vacation:



The ones that do nothing but eat and sleep



Yup, these people traveled half way around the world to wake up, eat, nap, eat again, and then go back to sleep. When they get back, you will most likely hear about how amazing the food was.



The ones that take a thousand pictures a day



Sawarny fel lobby. Sawarny gamb el nafoora. Sawarny bel view. Sawarny wana bakol croissant. Sawarny wana bagry 3ashan al7a2 el tour bus.



The ones that dress up as if they’re going to a wedding



You know those ladies who go all out and wear full makeup and heels to go to the park at 11 am…



The ones that want to go to every tourist location



They buy bags of souvenirs, have seven colors of the “I <3 NYC” shirts and take video footage of themselves going up the Empire State building.



The group of friends who only party



You probably won’t see them during the day, but at night you can see them dominating the club scene.



The ones that take all the complementary items



They walk out of the breakfast buffet with a bag full of those mini honey and jam jars.



The adventurous ones



Those really cool and active Arabs that spend their vacation outdoors, going hiking or jumping from a plane.



The ones who are repin dat Arab thug lyfe



Those rebels that walk across the street even if the pedestrian walking sign isn’t green and don’t follow the airport rules. No, no habibi, we don’t stand behind the yellow line.



The ones that are always late for everything



They miss everything! And since everything closes early, they pretty much do nothing all the day.



The ones that are showing out that Arab money



Louis Vuitton luggage, Gucci swim trunks, Hermes flip-flops, and YSL tank tops. Beach time.



The ones who packed food from home



You can spot them walking down the street with a Molto in their hand or a suitcase full of Basterma…



The ones who brought seven maids with them



That family who brings two maids per child, and two more to hold the bags.



The fabulous ones



Those fashionistas that could make sight-seeing attire look stylish without even trying.



The ones with the annoying children



When parents are threatening their demon children who won’t shut up and the locals are about to call child protective services because they’re used to giving time outs and counting to three… They don’t understand the wrath of an Arab parent.



The hairy men who insist on chilling topless



No matter how hard you try to avert your vision, that hairy overriding kersh is staring right at you. Please put it away. Please.



The creepers taking pictures of women at the beach



Those sleazy guys that pretend to take pictures of the scenery, but zoom in on the nearest women wearing a bikini.



The Jetsetters



Those suave men in suits that just scream, “I’m here on business, not pleasure”.



The ones that do their shopping for the year



They go all out at the Abercrombie store because they don’t have it back home.



The body builders who are hitting on the Russians



They are covered in suntan lotion and are usually by the beach, but NOT the water. Because how else are they going to show off their macho quads of steel?



And here’s to the rest of you Arabs on vacation who managed to blend in





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