10 Things Egyptian Men Hate About Egyptian Women

Relationships are complicated. Although we all need love, relationships keep our lives in continuous drama. In Egypt, men accuse women of being the reason for all the drama – and women do the same!

Today, we are highlighting the 10 things Egyptian men hate the most about their partners, hoping we can make things better, though we know very well that women never change…

Note: this article was written after surveying the opinion of 10 men about what they hate about their partners.



He hates when you are being pushy



When an Egyptian woman wants something, it has to be done or else she will keep asking for it. Women need to know that being pushy is a complete turn-off.



He hates when you are being extra emotional



You’ve seen Titanic like a thousand times, yet you still cry every time you watch it.



He hates when you are obsessed with your weight



It’s a good thing to be in form, but guess what? Men don’t like skinny women. Men like curves. I repeat, for God’s sake, we love curves!



He hates when you take too long to get ready to go out



Men only take a few minutes to get ready, so surely they don’t want to wait hours for you just because you are fixing your makeup or trying on a million different outfits. If he tells you that this is OK, it’s probably just because you are in the beginning of your relationship.



He hates when you are PMSing



Although men know it’s not something you can control.



He hates when you nag all the time



If the Egyptian woman would be labeled something, there is no better label for her other than “zannana“.



He hates when you are overly jealous



Jealousy is sexy and every man likes to feel that his woman cares about him, but that doesn’t mean you should follow him everywhere he goes or drop an ear to his phone calls.



He hates when you are being “nekadeyya”



We all know that Egyptian men always accuse their women of being drama queens. Yes, you are! You all are! We can even easily distinguish you anywhere all over this globe because of this trait.

The Egyptian woman has the ability to turn a happy moment into a bad memory, worse than the 1992 earthquake or the 1967 war, that will stay with us forever.



He hates when you use too much makeup



Some Egyptian men have said that they didn’t figure out their wives until after marriage when they removed their makeup. One wife was supposedly shot dead because her husband thought she was a male criminal who came to rape his wife.



He hates when you are not being 100% honest



We are ready to forgive you as long as you are telling the truth. Once you stop, you’ve taken the problem to a whole new level that will definitely lead to unpleasant consequences.



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