10 Things She Hates About You

Men always label women as complicated, which is somehow true. It’s never easy to figure out what your woman wants from you and even harder what she doesn’t!

There are certain things that women hate in their partners, so take a moment to learn these 10 things she hates about you and really hopes will change.

Note: This article was written after surveying the opinion of 10 women about what they hate about their partners.



She hates it when you act like you know everything



Getting lost is normal and it’s not a shame to ask people for directions. This will not change the fact that you have a Y chromosome.



She hates it when you don’t listen



Every woman wants her man to listen to her whenever she shares her thoughts. She wants you to give her the attention she deserves.



She hates it when you aren’t straightforward



She doesn’t like it when you give her hints about something without being direct. If you want her to know something, tell it to her straight up or don’t tell her at all.



She hates it when you talk a lot… and when you don’t talk at all!



We already agree that women are complicated. They are complicated to an extent that they are not sure whether they want you to talk your head off or to stay silent and listen to them all the time, but you just have to go with it.



She hates it when you’re not being yourself around her parents or her best friends



You have to know that she loved you for who you are and she doesn’t want you to change, especially around the people who matter for her. She wants everyone to see you from her eyes, to see you the way she does.



She hates it when you wear too much cologne



Everyone has a personal “scent circle”. Don’t let her smell your cologne unless she’s within an arm’s length away from you.



She hates it when you are overdressed or underdressed



You shouldn’t wear a tuxedo when you are just going for a walk with her; meanwhile, you should change out of your sweat pants when you are taking her out for a nice dinner!



She hates it when you give her beauty advice or makeover suggestions



Never criticize her makeup, fashion sense or weight. Never suggest that she needs to hit the gym or she will take it as you are calling her fat. Again, never mention her weight. Did I forget to mention that you shouldn’t mention her weight?



She hates it when you make her feel that you are afraid of commitment



Every woman wants to be with someone who makes her feel secure, so if you don’t want to be with someone, just don’t get into a relationship in the first place.



She hates it when you forget dates that mean a lot to her


Young depressed woman

Women are able to remember each and every single important date in their lives; they can even do it better than calendars! You should never miss out on her birthday or any date that means a lot to her because she is sentimentally attached to this date more than you can ever imagine.

There is nothing worse than forgetting her birthday or your anniversary together, so you should always remind yourself by any means, because trust me, you don’t want to wake up to, “Do you know what date it is today?!”



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