10 Products That Will Make Every Egyptian’s Taste Buds More Nostalgic Than Ever!

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The candies we used to eat make up a huge part of our childhood memories. The taste, the joy that filled our eyes the moment you had them in your little hands, the small kiosk and the old man who used to sell them to us, everything. It upsets us that most of these products are no longer produced, barely found nowadays, or no longer taste the same. Here are 10 nursery snacks that will make you super nostalgic.


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Bimbo is widely available nowadays, but it’s nothing like the old days. Nothing will ever compare to the taste old Bimbo that was wrapped in golden paper.


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We don’t just miss the Egyptianized Bounty, but we also miss the iconic song from the ad.

Cadbury Star

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Even though Cadbury recently unveiled a new bar of chocolate called Five Star, the extra caramel still cannot make us forget about the old school Star bar and its blue paper wraps.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crisp

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There’s Cadbury with almost any filling that would ever cross your mind. One filling we miss the most though was that crunchy crispy filling.

Kinder Surprise

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Sure, it’s known today as Kinder Joy, but come on! Have you seen the new toys? Those bring no joy like Kinder Surprise used to bring into our lives as kids.

Chiclets Tiny Size

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Don’t you just miss chewing on a mouthful of tiny gums and then wonder where did it go?

Leban Sehry

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And speaking of gum, you were probably the coolest kid on the block if you used to spend your daily allowance on lots and lots of leban sehry. I mean, who didn’t like showing off their magically colored tongues? You can still get your hands on those elongated gum packets; some small stores still sell them. However, they’re no longer that magical but why not?

Big Foot

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Licking feet wasn’t the most romantic thing on the planet, but didn’t you just love that electrifying sensation of the sour powder?


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Who else ate one after another because it was so addictive? Well, the good news is that you can find Tofita again in some stores. The bad news is that they taste nothing like Tofita.

Big Babol Filifolly Gum

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Cotton candy that would then turn into gum? That was the dream!

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