10 Expressions Egyptians use in Times of Heartbreak

Heartbreak is inevitable. It is an experience we all go through at some point in our lives. But its inevitability does not make it any less painful. Even though we all experience it at different levels, and it affects each one of us differently, it is nonetheless an uncomfortable and agonizing process. And in these times, it is often helpful to be comforted by a friend, a family member, or anyone for that matter, with words or signs of care. After all, when someone empathizes with our pain, it makes us feel less alone, perhaps even a little understood. For these reasons, we’ve gathered for you 10 comforting Egyptian expressions, that, as commonly heard as they are, make us feel better, or maybe even a little less worse.

El donya mesh beto2of 3ala 7ad 

Literally meaning “the world does not stop for anyone,” this phrase is meant to suggest that no matter our losses, the world will continue. This realization might push some to a level of resilience, driven by this very realization that the world will go on anyway, and thereby there is no reason to limit our version of it to one person.

Sheda wetzool 

“Sheda wetzool” is a more abrupt phrase, always indicating that the worst of the worst will eventually go away. And as obvious as “this too shall pass” idea is, as much as it is true. It may not hit us all at once, but it is definitely true that nothing stays the same, including our heartache.

Kol hega bet3ady 

This is the same as the previously mentioned “everything will pass.” And we must remind ourselves of this, again and again, every time we feel that we are “forever stuck” in the pain that comes with losing someone.


It’s difficult to translate this one word, as it denotes that everything will ease itself by the help of God. This can be comforting to many who believe in a higher power, and believe that there is an entity on which to lean when times are difficult, because either way, things will always sort themselves out.

Teegi zay ma teegi 

This one’s a lighter form of the aforementioned one. Some find it as a lazy way of dealing with pain, but it’s true. We are exactly where we are meant to be, and by default, we must enable our lives to go with its own flow. This may not work for some, but finding this place of comfort with whatever the universe throws in our way, may move someone out of their pain, and into a place of acceptance.

Ism w naseeb 

This phrase comes as a whole package. It can’t be translated word for word. It means everything is in the hands of God. It is comforting to think that, to accept whatever happens to you, in light of the fact that it is out of your hands. This belief might not work for many, but to those whom it works for, it helps to eventually be okay with any occurrence through the realization that it had to happen anyway.

Mafeesh 7ad yestahel 

This one is very, very true for many. “No one is worthy of our pain.” When you learn to love yourself, you learn not to put yourself through pain at the expense of loving someone else. Perhaps to you, some lovers are worthy of your pain more than others – but we must make sure that we put a cap to this pain when it starts to destroy us.

Kheirha f gheirha 

In literal terms, this mean there is “kheir (good)” in someone else. In other words, there is better out there for you. I certainly don’t believe in this term, or at least, I don’t believe in it within the context of “better vs. worse.” There is a healthier way of looking at it, which is realizing that there is better in someone else, when better means more suitable. That way, when we realize there is better for us – not in the context of degrading someone else – we realize that there was a reason behind losing that person, and one day we will realize why, in the face of “goodness.”

Mesh maktobly 

This one’s similar to “mafeesh ism w naseeb.” It basically means that this was not written for me, or it was not “destined” to happen. Again, this belief may not work for some, but for many it works. It is meant to enable us to reach a place of acceptance, rather than a denial of or refusal to accept our losses – which will only deepen this pain.

Elli 3awez yemshi yemshi 

This is one that may feel a bit aggressive, but also very true. “Whoever wants to leave, can leave.” Putting the aggression behind, when we realize that those who don’t want us should not be in our lives, it gives us some form of self-worth. By being okay with who you are, such that someone’s desire is to leave you, is reason enough for them to leave, because we should only want someone who wants us back.

Whether for better or for worse, a lot of these phrases can comfort us through the realizations that they bring about for us. Whether it’s realizing that it will happen anyway, or that we deserve someone who wants us, in one way or another, these phrases elicit truths in ourselves that will eventually take us through this pain. However, the most important realization of all, is that this pain is in fact manageable, and that on its own, will eventually take the “break” away from heartbreak.

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