Meet The Palestinian Fashion Duo That are Redefining Sister Goals

There is nothing more exciting on Instagram than sisters taking the fashion world by storm. While we thought  Egyptian designers Yasmine YAYA and sister, Mrs. Keepa, and Okhtein are as cool as siblings get, Palestine presented us with another fabulous sister act.

Rima and Dina Zahran have been in the market with their brand, Dinz, for the past 10 years with one goal in mind: making Arab women feel and look confident and beautiful. They are most known for their interpretations of traditional Arabic ghutra scarves. Their girly and sweet brand, Dinz, got a facelift and was rebranded as what we all know now as the edgy Dinz Sisters.

Via Gulf News

The designers used to have large collections of 30-40 pieces, yet they decided to change their strategy and choose capsule collections. The first collection was made up of 10 capes in 10 different materials and they’re as edgy, feminine, and 2018 as it gets.

If you’re following the sisters on social media for daily inspiration, you’re definitely in the right place. The Zahran sisters manage to style every outfit modestly and leaving an inspirational quote that will make you feel like a goddess.

Here are some of the sisters’ modern everyday girl fashion moments:

Sometimes all you need in life is a good burger.. #dinzsisters

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“Dear my strong girls, you will all go through that phase of life making a mistake of helping a toxic girl whose friendship with you turns into her self-interest. This kind of girls is a real burden towards the empowerment of other females as they can never get past their own insecurity and grow out of high-school-like drama. Despite how advanced we are in educating modern women, this type will still go through life living in identity crisis, endlessly looking for providers of any kind at the end of the day. They can never stand up for others or things that matter because they can't stand up for themselves. They care what everyone thinks only doing things to impress men, friends, strangers, everyone in society except themselves, while at the same time can't stand seeing other women with purpose get what those women want in life. Let them compete and compare with you as much as they wish, be it your career, love or spirit. You know who you are and you will know who your true girls are by weeding out girls that break our girlie code of honor, but do me a favor by losing this type of people for good. Remind yourself to never waste time with a person who likes to betray others' trust, never” #quotestoliveby #girlboss #dinzsisters

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WE SAID THIS: We wish you the best of luck, girls!