La Vista’s 16+12 Billboards Are No Longer a Mystery

Every single person in Egypt was mesmerized by the 16+12 campaign that took over the Egyptian streets! La Vista Developments created a riddle and its billboards were literally everywhere, and although it was a simple one, it grasped everyone’s attention. Eventually, after everyone took their chances with their guesses, we finally broke the Enigma!

Via La Vista Developments

16+12 represents the number of premium projects by one of the leading real estate developers in the market; La Vista Development! Yes, La Vista Development has in their pocket 28 projects, 16 coastal compounds (LA VISTA) and 12 residential compounds (EL PATIO).

The 16 LA VISTA’s are spread between Ain El Sokhna, North Coast, and let’s not forget about their residential compounds in New Cairo, Shorouk, and the 6th of October! All of these projects have several things in common; they’re all premium, classy, well maintained, epically designed, with inclusive communities.

The creative and unique campaign successfully captured the attention of many and became a relevant and common topic among Egyptians. We’re super glad that we finally understood what the very simple, yet sophisticated, equation really meant.

Did any of you get it right?

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