From Saudi Arabia To Hollywood: Movie Producer, Mohammed Al-Turki, Building Cultural Bridges

By Aya Elhelw

We all noticed the major transformations that took place in Saudi Arabia’s cultural climate, allowing women to drive, opening new screening cinemas, and many more surprises to be unveiled. That doesn’t mean that Saudi Arabia is new to the art and entertainment business, many creative minds were born in the Peninsula. Mohammed Al-Turki, a Saudi Arabian producer who carved his way into Hollywood, is one of them.

Turki, a 32-year-old Film producer, born in Saudi Arabia, studied Business Management and Media Communications, but it wasn’t until 2010 when his movie passion started. According to his 2012 interview with Variety, his passion started when Zeina Durra, his English director friend, handed him the script of her movie, “The Imperialists Are Still Alive!”, asking him if he would be interested in producing it.

In that very same year, The movie was picked by the IFC, which distributes independent movies under its name, in its Sundance Selects. His first movie’s huge success lead him to his first major movie, “Arbitrage”, written and directed by Nicholas Jarecki, starring Brit Marling, Richard Gere, and Susan Sarandon. The movie, released in 2012, scored $22 million worldwide at the box office.

Turki collaborated with Justin Nappi and Turen’s Treehouse production companies, as the executive producer for two other movies, Ramin Bahrani’s “At Any Price” starring Zac Efron, and Scott Coffey’s “Adult World” starring Emma Roberts and John Cusack.

Via IMBD Pictures

He participated with Writer and Director Hilary Brougher’s in his movie “Innocence” as a co-executive producer, as well as co-producing “What Maisie Knew”, starring Julianne Moore. In 2014, he was the executive producer for three movies; “Time Out of Mind”, written and directed by Oren Moverman, starring Richard Gere, “99 Homes”, directed by Ramin Bahrani, starring Andrew Garfield, and “Desert Dancer” directed by Richard Raymond’s. His latest project was in 2017 when he was the executive producer of the 75 minutes documentary “Metamorphosis: Junior Year” directed by Lacey Dorn and James Franco, crowning the first 10 movies of his career.

He’s also known for supporting some international charities, as for his father, Abdulaziz Al Turki, is also known for his charitable efforts back in Saudi Arabia. Abdulaziz is the Founder & President of the Saudi Cancer Foundation, and Chairman of the Saudi Charitable Foundation for Promoting Organ Donation.

WE SAID THIS: Saudi Arabia is on its way to a new cultural road and it has all the creative resources it needs.