El Gouna’s Turtle’s Inn Just Revamped Its Interiors and We Love It!

Via Turtle's Inn

Summer’s here and as Ramadan is coming to an end, you’re probably wondering where you’re going to spend your summer vacation. Lucky for us, Egyptians, we have plenty of beach towns on our land that suit all tastes and preferences. In case you’re a Gouna kind of person, then we’ve got the place for you; Turtle’s Inn!

Via Turtle’s Inn

It’s not just because this one of the iconic places to stay in El Gouna or because it’s located in the heart of its lively Abu Tig Marina, but because it’s now brighter than ever! Let’s say that the residence got a make-over, all thanks to very talented Egyptian artists who turned into a modern escape zone. If you’re a dreamer, if you’ve got the wildest imagination, or if you like things a bit festive, then this is definitely the place for you.

Via Turtle’s Inn

The artists revamped the hotel’s designs sticking to the theme of the four elements of nature; earth, water, fire, and air. Every room has its very own unique design with design elements ranging from eccentric colors, African spirit animals, and geometric figures and shapes. All 28 rooms in the hotel are hand-painted beautifully keeping your eyes entertained as you look around.

As you walk in the hotel’s foyer, you’ll feel the Rio de Janeiro uplifting vibe. You’ll see vivid and vibrant interiors, urban hip decor, and geometric stoned floors. This kind of artsy atmosphere guarantees guests a comfortable and creative place to stay.

Via Turtle’s Inn

The renovation didn’t change the fact that the hotel has something for everyone; whether you’re looking for an unforgettable Red Sea diving experience, party all night long, or get away from the hectic city life. El Gouna will always be a dynamic city and a hub of ongoing events such as its street festival, sports competitions, and its unique nightlife.

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