Carina Shatters Stereotypes About Women With This Brilliant World Cup Related Ad

Via Carina

Being in the market for over two decades, Carina has been supporting Egyptian women all the way and still is. Their recently released ad about the World Cup is the best proof for this. Almost every single brand focused on the big event in their current advertising campaign. However, unlike many, Carina didn’t disregard women’s role in cheering for our Egyptian national team. Instead, the female empowering brand created a new anthem for women to show the world that they are part of this.

كارينا بتشجع كل ست بتشجع!

كارينا #بتشجع_كل_ست_بتشجع !

Posted by Carina wear on Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The campaign shatters stereotypes about women in a fun and catchy manner. Women can be interested in football as much as men are. They’re not just interested in watching TV series, going to the beauty salons, or going to Sahel to tan by the pool. In fact, some women would skip all of these things for the sake of the history our national team is making at the moment. This is national pride we should all be sharing together.

We’re in love with the approach Carina has adopted; the vibrant aesthetics and the metaphors linking the lyrics with the visuals. The anthem itself is very catchy all thanks to its strong lyrics and the melody that could easily get stuck in your head. We’re sure this is going to be is summer’s new IT hit.

WE SAID THIS: So better get started with memorizing the lyrics!