Light Up the Roads: How the Latest Road Accident Has Egypt’s Social Media in a Rage.

Other than gas, driving skills and a car, what else is required to drive? The ability to see. A proper visibility of the road through suitable light fixtures are extremely important. Accidents continue to happen on Egypt’s roads, due to unlit streets. Day after day, we hear about victims of road accidents, and more recently Hurghada’s ring road had people talking non-stop.

Four days ago on Hurghada’s gloomy ring road, two cars slammed into each other, resulting in the death of one woman and injuring the driver who were in the same car. The other driver, a son of a prominent businessman, stated that he did not have the proper visual clarity on the road due to an absence of lights. As a result, he was not equipped to react appropriately at the presence of an oncoming vehicle. The authorities have now taken the driver into custody, as the blame for this accident has been thrown solely at him, causing a scandal.

Another accident in the dark:

Two months ago on the Alexandria Desert Road, more than two cars had also crashed into each other, resulting in multiple injuries. Accordingly, the road was obstructed and an ambulance rushed to the scene to treat the injured.

Add more lighting to our roads:

The one consistent fact between both of these accidents were unlit roads. Although the injured do receive the proper treatment at the right time, still the roads remain dark. Car accidents in Egypt on a daily basis are not a matter unfamiliar to us. However, given the right attention for the right infrastructure, several accidents can be avoided.

The increasing number of car crashes should serve as a wake up call to Egypt’s officials; to take action and renovate the freeways and roads.

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