Climate Change: A Big Threat To Egypt

Unfortunately, the possibility of climate change having a detrimental effect on Egypt is pretty high. The country’s agriculture, water resources, energy and health sectors, and food are all at risk. Nonetheless, Egypt is taking immediate action to tackle these issues.

Mohamed Abdel-Aty, the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt, expresses great concern for this matter.

Sea levels are rising – a great concern for the Nile River’s resources. This is dangerous for the 12-15% of the most fertile lands by the delta and therefore affects the groundwater’s quality. Additionally, there are extreme heatwaves then cold waves, this instability affects agriculture greatly.

Mohamed Abdel-Aty talking about Climate Change
Mohamed Abdel-Aty via Egypt Today.

Climate change negatively impacts water resources, with resulting threats to sustainable development and the human right to water.

Mohamed Abdel-Aty on Arab News

The latest meeting to review climate change and development reports on Egypt was managed by the World Bank Group. Abdel-Aty spoke with Ayat Soliman, Director of Sustainable Development in the MENA region, to review the planned projects to combat climate change.

More than 1,500 structures were put in place to protect against violent rains, the coast by guarding the public/private properties, facilities, people, and roads. In addition, Egypt’s government is also working on protecting agricultural lands, villages, enhancing the reuse of agricultural drainage water and collecting rainwater for more resources.

Egypt fights against climate change, a pandemic and poverty but we have every faith in the government’s efforts.

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