Syrian Foods That Are Literally Impossible to Dislike

by Shams Farid

The civil war in Syria has caused millions of Syrians to flee their war-torn country. Images of men, women and children living in camps, walking vast distances and risking perilous journeys to safety are commonplace.


Syria has an ancient food culture and was once — believe it or not — a bread basket for the Middle East, but sadly, the conflict has since damaged agriculture and food supplies to many areas. In this article, I compile a list of my favorite Syrian foods that everyone should try at least once in their lives.



Konafa naboulsya will basically ruin all other desserts for you


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Shawerma sag is arguably one of the most popular Syrian foods. A to’meya dip is a must when devouring this beauty


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Sambosa labna, AKA samosa with cheese, comfortably sits on the Iron Throne of Side Dishes


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As if normal konafa aren’t delicious enough! These konafa rolls are everything your belly wants and more


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Manakeesh? Yes please


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This is pretty much ma7shi, but a specific one with courgette, and it is heavenly


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Because we can’t get enough of Konafa naboulsya, we’re putting it again on this list




WE SAID THIS: Thank you, Syrians.


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