12 Types of People You Meet in the Magical Beach Town of Dahab

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The vibrant hipster beach town, Dahab, has grown in popularity in the past couple of years. The serenity, nature, the crystal clear water, the delicious food; those are all reasons why to fall in love with it. But one important aspect is definitely the people, and in case you’ve been living under a rock and you just decided to pay the town your first visit, you’ve got to know what you’re going to. Here are 12 kinds of different people you’ll stumble upon there.

The Bedouins

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Those are the native locals and original nomads of the ancient desert. Bedouins are super friendly, generous, and hospitable and getting to know their culture is enjoyable on its own.

The ones who fled the city

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With the laidback lifestyle, the slow-paced vibes, and the energy of mother nature, a lot of the locals were really just old tourists who found themselves in this magical town. Those decided to drop everything, ditch the hectic city life, and resort to Dahab as their new peaceful home.

The foreigner who now has a new home

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Besides the Egyptian city boys and girls, the exact same thing happened with non-Egyptian ones. Many former tourists have found a sanctuary over there and have been living in Dahab for years; way before it even went too commercial. Those beautiful souls will not make you feel that they’re any less Egyptian than the other locals.

The Hippie

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You’ll definitely meet a bunch of those there, people who live peacefully and embrace the love in the air. Even the colorful ones with super cool dreads, you’ll meet those too.

The smoke weed everyday kind of guy

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Some people just go smoke and zone out and that’s it. But don’t worry, they’re harmless.

The typical Egyptian tourist

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Do not let the thought of enjoying the view; where there’s a swing, even cross your mind. That’s because someone will be posing for a few shots for Instagram every two and a half minutes. Not to mention that the duration of the photoshoot itself might last for 10 whole minutes or longer.

The misfit

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You’re most likely to see those on national holidays. You know the guys who packed their Sahel attitude and attire? Well, they should’ve left that in Cairo because it sometimes gets frustrating. But don’t worry, those will probably be hanging out in the same places where the rest of the typical tourists do.

The musician

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Looking for that free spirit who’s in it for nothing but the good vibes? You’ll find your guy jamming in one of the drum circles held at night, he’s the one under the spotlight.

The diver

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The adventurous explorers who found happiness underwater are everywhere around this town all thanks to its breathtaking marine life. Dahab is even one of the best places in the country to get your PADI license; lots of dive centers in town.

The salesperson

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As you walk down the mamsha you’ll find some guys that’ll instantly remind you of those Hadar Mawot guys who throw flyers straight to your face. No thanks, I don’t want to go on a safari and freak the hell out of nature.

The digital nomad

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This is probably a pitstop, for this guy/girl, from a long exhilarating journey. They chose to travel and see the world while working remotely using the magical tool called the internet. Being a part of their adventure and getting to mingle with them is a great start for a greater story; whether it ends up being yours or theirs.

The lovely owner

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Many of the restaurant owners are just too sweet. They strike up the most interesting conversations and tell the most intriguing stories. But what if those come with a finger licking good dish? That would be the dream!

WE SAID THIS: And finally, the happy people, who are actually inside them all. Each and every one of those people have at least one thing in common; they’re all genuinely happy.