When Your Friend’s Wedding Ruins Your Eid Vacation!


To all of you out there who have had your Eid ruined because your friend/relative is getting married or engaged, we feel your agony!

We know you were sitting at work daydreaming about what you will do for the Eid when suddenly out of nowhere, you got that one phone call saying “I’m getting married/engaged this Eid”, slamming the door shut on every single plan you had. All the parties, events and clothes you had set in mind… *puff* all gone and that’s when you wish you didn’t pick up the phone.

What is up with those Eid celebrations? Why can’t they be anytime else in the year? It’s 365 days for God’s sake! Why do you have to pick the only time we have an official holiday and corner us into begging our bosses for an extra couple of days off?

So it’s official, the date is set and your plans are down the drain. Even though deep down inside you know you’ll enjoy it, you still think of Sahel and all the people and parties that you’ll miss out on, that new swimsuit and shades and, of course, that beach body you’ve been working your butt off for the past couple of months!

You tell yourself it is what it is and you’ll make the best of it. So you take out your dress, heels and accessories before you go to bed to make sure everything is set, and as you get under the sheets, you open your Instagram and BAM – it’s full of pictures of people in Sahel enjoying the amazing weather!

To all the brides out there, we know you’re happy and excited and all, but please stop ruining our holidays so we can be happy, too!


WE SAID THIS: No worries, you still have time for a quick road trip. Don’t forget these tunes on your way! And if you’re in Sahel, don’t miss these parties.