Step Aside Dhafer, There’s a New Hottie in ‘Sabe3 Gar’ Named Tarek and OMG

The world temporarily seemed like a perfect place after Tunisian actor, Dhafer L’Abidine, graced our screens. We honestly thought that was it when it comes to eye candy, but the world had an early Christmas present for us that’s named Nicolas. It is quite odd for a non-Ramadan mosalsal to amass this kind of buzz that your entire news feed is literally gushing over it, but it’s worth it.


Via Sabe3 gar Facebook page


Sabe3 Gar mosalsal is the one show everyone is addicted to right now, even more than Eltofan — which is quite strange because it’s packed with superstars. The TV show puts you on a roller coaster of emotions and the ride is phenomenal.


Via Sabe3 gar Facebook page


One character who is on everyone’s mind — mainly females — is Tarek, played by Nicolas Mouawad. Tarek finds himself trapped with a nagging wife who only cares about house chores and kids’ homework. He constantly tries to bring a little romance back to the relationship, but with no luck. His wife remains cold as ice, yet every viewer out there is swooning and melting over him on social media — us especially.



What, how and when did this guy happen?





Someone cast us as his comforting mother, please





Or Heba who freaked out when he confessed having feelings for her. We definitely won’t be running out of the car


Via Maha Al. Tarek



We wish we were that cigarette he’s smoking





WE SAID THIS: Goodbye, Dhafer. Hello, Nicolas.


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