Party Animals Are Rejoicing in Egypt and Lebanon Because Spain’s elrow Is Coming

by Nadine Arab

All the way from España, Elrow is making its way to Lebanon and Egypt this month. After revolutionizing the world of night entertainment, Beirut and Cairo are about to witness one of the world’s craziest parties on the 7th (Lebanon) and 21st (Egypt) of October — thanks to Blurr Entertainment.


Via Elrow


From a small café that evolved to an active social hub, offering a variety of activities from Cabaret to Cinema overtime — the concept of Elrow was born. The Spanish fiesta has been dynamically changing the world of dance and musical entertainment as we know it since 1870 till this very day.


Via Elrow


As they tour the world, the -all day and night long- event usually consists of a single internationally renowned artist on the decks with a setting and theme based on the host country. Nomads, New World is the chosen theme for Cairo’s event, and The Garten for Beirut’s event. If you’re a party animal and won’t miss such an event, you should probably expect a trip back in time with stone-age cave dwellers, Arab Bedouins or a magical garden.


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