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Fashion Moments That Prove Fifi Abdou Has Always Been Ahead of The Fashion Game

There are so many reasons, as to per why we love Fifi Abdou, and her Instagram account is one those reasons. I mean who does not love her saying ‘5amsa emwahh’ (5 kisses), and ‘5amsa how un you’ (5 how are yous) in every single social media post.


And don’t get us started on her at home belly dancing videos, and her belly dancing in general. I think that we all agree that Foffa is the undoubted queen of the belly dance stage, and the undisputed empress of social media. What most of her followers/fans seem to gloss over, however, is all the ways in which Foffa was an ahead of her time fashionista. Don’t believe us? Well, we have compiled some photos to prove it.



Foffa was the always the queen of gold jewelry…


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Golden and excessively flashy bling-bling is now a huge trend. I mean which one of us does not want to wear five signature Cartier bracelets and rings all in the same hand? Just remember, the next time you think that this is a new fashion trend, Foffa did it first.



The time she wore a fishnet top…


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Via: huffpost


Yes, that fishnet black top, and the matching black bra, are items Foffa was wearing before Amber Rose and Rihanna were even relevant.



The time that she wore cartwheel hats…



قشطات من مصر ام الدنيا صورى من فيلم قدارة خمسة اموااه ?????✋?

A post shared by Fifi Abdou (@fifiabdouofficial) on




Before the runways were lighting up with these hats, and Kim Kardashian starting wearing them. Foffa was shining in them.



WE SAID THIS: Bow down to queen Foffa!

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