Egypt Wins Bronze and Gold Medals at Special Olympics World Winter Games

Via Yemen ElYoum


We all love the Olympics! We leave work early, change our daily schedules and cancel meetings just to watch our favorite athletes playing for their lives. Yet, one sports championship has gone unnoticed; the Special Olympics World Winter Games, held in Austria this year.


Via Special Olympics Egypt


Two Egyptian champions just won two medals at the special needs Olympics in the 100 meters running on ice race. Mohamed Abdo won a gold medal and Alaa Abdul Aziz won a bronze medal. How impressive?!


Via Special Olympics Egypt

Egypt is doing pretty good in floor hockey as well. The team lost to Algeria 3-0, but won the game against the UAE team at 3-1, with one game remaining against Cyprus which will determine the final results.


Egypt’s special Olympics Presodent, Hany Mahmoud, congratulated the players and the head of the Egyptian mission, Bassem Tuhami.



WE SAID THIS: Best of luck to our real heroes!


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