Sudan to End Egyptian Presence in Hala’ib Triangle

Via Al Arabiya

Sudan has just began a diplomatic move to permanently resolve the Hala’ib Triangle and end the Egyptian presence in the area. The border demarcation committee started the move and made a road map that plans to deport the Egyptians living in the Hala’ib Triangle.


Via Wikipedia


According to Madamasr, the Head of Sudan’s Technical Committee for Border Demarcation (TCBD), Abdallah al-Sadiq, stated that officials from the Foreign, Justice and Interior Ministries, the National Records Office and the TCBD have met to modify files prepared by previous committees on Hala’ib.


Via Al Arabiya


Sadiq also stated that the committee held a preparatory meeting to develop guidelines and a road map to explore ways to evict the Egyptians from the area through diplomacy. The statement released on Tuesday by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry states Egypt and Sudan are scheduled to hold discussions in Khartoum in the first two weeks of April.



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