Ed Sheeran Speaks to Egyptians for a Total of 6 Seconds and We Can Die Happily Now

by Karina Eltantawi

Via Cosmopolitan


We love everything about Ed Sheeran — from his sensual music, nerdy outfits, ginger hair, ballroom dancing to his previous make-no-sense relationship with Taylor Swift — we are just obsessed.


Egypt’s newest radio station, NRJ Egypt, recently launched with Arabic-speaking presenters playing both Arabic and English music. Lucky for us, they got Ed Sheeran for a little channel activation.



Check out the most exhilarating six seconds on the Internet today! And yes, I’m overreacting, and no I don’t care. THIS IS ED SHEERAN AND HE IS TALKING TO US EGYPTIANS, OMG!!!



WE SAID THIS: If only NRJ goes all the way and actually bring him to Egypt!


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