Emirates to Loan iPads to Passengers on US Flights After Ban on Electronic Devices

Via Emirates Airlines


Following Trump’s administration electronic ban, passengers (especially parents that are accompanied by their children) have been extremely annoyed with the whole ordeal. The ban stated that eight Middle Eastern and North African countries have been banned from carrying electronic devices are that larger than mobiles on planes.


Emirates Airlines have been trying to show their support for their worried clients, and even took it as far as throwing shade on their social media.


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The airline had tried to make it easier on the passengers by stating that they will be allowed to keep their devices only moments before take-off. The devices would be collected, tagged, and stored in an aircraft hold until arrival in the US.



Another impressive decision taken by the airline is that First or Business class passengers will be handed tablets during the flights. The airline advises travelers to save all their data on a USB which fliers can plug into a Microsoft Surface tablet that will be equipped with Microsoft Office 2016.



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