Da Begad?

For some reason, many people share posts on Facebook that they don’t know their sources. From health tips to news and politics, there is always something to say and something they are asking you to share for the sake of spreading the word and helping others.

But, the thing is sometimes (if not most of the times) those posts are just FAKE, they aren’t from a reliable source or even from a fake Facebook page. Yes, sometimes some of those posts are from fake celebrities/public figures Facebook pages.

What baffles me that sometimes you might find a post shared over 18 thousand times and the post is actually fake, and even well educated people still sharing it believing it is useful while they are simply spreading rumors.

Thanks to a new initiative by a Facebook page named “Da Begad” you will now know which posts are fake and which ones are real. After almost two months, the page has now over 60 thousand likes on Facebook.

Da Begad, posts a photo of two posts, the one that’s real and the one that is made up. Not only has this but they also added their sources and links to reliable sources, articles documented online.

Make sure to check them out to know what to share and what not to share or probably just laugh your head off.


Marwa Medhat is an Egyptian teenager who might be considered as a dreamer. Some people may consider her crazy because of how spontaneous she is; however, she just enjoys living! She is known best for winning the very first online contest on Facebook back in 2008. She blogs, vlogs and tweet about what ever pops into her head which is how she will always find a way to inspire you. Sky is the limit; that’s what she really believes in.