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As more cities never sleep, we’re ahead of the beat to make sure you know about the hottest parties, concerts, corporate events and more. Nomads of the world, fear not: We keep you in the loop from the insiders who know best.

All you Need For This Weekend!

Ramadan is so soon and I didn’t travel much this summer, so I decided to make my weekend memorable. Using my special detective powers, reporting and research skills (I’m not bragging, no) I decided to share with all of you what seems to be fun this weekend! Here’s a roundup! Whether you decided to escape […]

Awadi Brothers

The Awadi bro’s, separately known as Aly and Sherif are leaving their mark on the scene as usual. Deciding to interview the brothers that share the same passion for music was fun! They are also performing this Thursday at El Villa Bianchi. Brothers who share the same passion for music, did you ever disagree on […]

Le Geek C’est Chic

GEEKS OF THE (ARAB?) WORLD, REJOICE! You know you’re in Beirut when you hear a girl screaming into her phone “Ta3o 3a Jimmeyzeh la2anna wel3aneh!”. Loosely translated that means Lebanese people know how to have more fun than any of us.  On July 5th though, Jimmeyzeh is going to be wel3aneh with the sounds of […]

El Villa Weekend Delight Part # 1

I don’t go out a lot, I used to, but not anymore! So when I do go out, I tend to be over critical about all the events and venues (hey we work in the same line of business so it’s only natural!) On to my main point, last weekend El Villa opened it’s doors! […]

Heineken’s Summer Heat

This weekend is shaping up to be a big one! On Friday the 29th of June, El Villa’s beach at Bianchi will be taken over by Heineken’s one of a kind Summer Heat party. Expect to be dazzled by Hisham Zahran’s and Tito’s mixes, perfect to set the mood for any beach event! We all […]

Caprice Beach Club & Restaurant

Though this summer is gearing up to be a quick one, that doesn’t mean it definitely won’t be happening. Scoop Empire got it’s hands on a one on one with Mr. Tamer El Banna, the man behind the new spot Caprice 1. Why did you choose the name Caprice? Where did your inspiration come from? CAPRICE […]

Stella Million Man March

So we came across this event on Facebook. It is calling out for a million man march to the Presidential Palace on Thursday 28th of June with Stella Beer!! Bare in mind this has nothing to do with the beer brand itself, the event was created by a guy name Ahmed El Bahhar. So why […]

El Villa Beach Club Arrives

  You know summer is here when all the hot Sahel venues start popping up. Well meet the new brainchild of Pub 28 & Amici; EL VILLA, located at Bianchi on the beach. What is the concept you ask, a plush Villa on the sea overlooking the Mediteranean bringing you both the old school ambiance […]

Soopar Lux Plays With Nacelle

Today the mighty boys & girls behind Nacelle, team up with Soopar Lux and Aly B, for one hell of a Wednesday! We aren’t going to blab on too much, we only have one thing to say, with all the stress and pressure everyone is under use this as an outlet! Good music, drinks, and […]

ID Takes You Places: White, Beirut

It’s no secret how amazing Beirut is, and it definitely is no secret how hot White is in Beirut, being one of the hottest spots there and all! Well what do you get when you send Egypt’s premium Vodka and some lucky Egyptian winners off to the City that knows how to party? Pandaemonium! ID […]