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DesignKaf – A House Of Innovation

After having the pleasure of sitting down with Kareem Osman the man behind DesignKaf, a house of innovative products set to distinguish themselves in the market by satisfying the needs of consumers rather then sticking to the generic tres expensive alternatives. Kareem ran me through what this new brand was, what it aimed to achieve, current projects […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: “Make A Difference In The World”

To do great work, you need to feel that you’re making a difference. That you’re putting a meaningful dent in the universe. That you’re part of something important. This doesn’t mean you need to find the cure for cancer 🙂 It’s just that your efforts need to feel valuable. You want your customers to say, […]

Meet Zad

No he’s not your local neighborhood bully, or that hot guy you met at Tamarai! Zad happens to be the newest super market chain to launch in Egypt completely and utterly fueled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Hurray!! The new supermarket chain is mainly owned and ran by Khairat El Shater’s son, Saad El Shater. Their […]

Valentino Sold to Qatari Royal Family

It seems that the Qataris are taking over the world. Earlier today, the Qatar royal family has bought the clothing company, Valentino Fashion Group (VFG). The company, which was owned by the Permira Fund since 2007, reportedly was sold for 600-750 million euros to Mayhoola for Investments Spc. The deal cedes control of Valentino to […]

Blackberry Is Dead

Blackberry is dead. Literally and figuratively, dead. There’s a general rule when evaluating what is called “earnings quality” of a firm, to make sure that operationally it isn’t defunct and that it is a genuine “going concern”, ie it will continue to exist as a competitive player its CORE field. KEYWORD: CORE. Think of it […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: Is Small Wrong?

People ask, “How big is your company?” It is small talk, but they’re not looking for a small answer. The bigger the number, the more impressive, professional, and powerful you sound. “Wow, nice!” they’ll say if you have a hundred-plus employees. If you’re small, you’ll get an “Oh … that’s nice.” The former is meant […]

Harrods Goes Hotel!

Since we all love our Knightsbridge department store, Harrods, the owners have decided to take it to a whole new level. Qatar Holdings, the owner of the department store that opened in 1849, announced the launch of Harrods hotels in London, Malaysia, New York, Paris and even plans to build on a site in Sardinia, […]

Foota Towels

So it seems like today is my lucky day as I finally got my interview with Kareem El-Nagdy. I have been hearing about a new towel brand called “Foota” recently and all I could think about was how sometimes the simplest names could be the most catchy… Brandcow , is the mother company of Foota […]

Clear Takes Sun City by Surprise

Flash mobs and surprise performances by different brands seem to be all the rage these days, Clear joined the bandwagon in what was actually a witty performance in the middle of Sun City that took everyone by surprise. They are also giving you the chance to win a trip for two to spain, all you […]

Dolly’s Stop and Shop to open SOON!

  Again a new concept breaking the routine of Cairo, you know those rare places here, those “Stop and Shop” ones? Well, “Dolly’s” is soon to launch and serve all your needs from the food to towels to accessories…They have everything there, you name it! I’m most excited because they’re gonna have Ben and Jerry’s […]