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Zooba Expands Their Reach

Zooba Fans, your favorite Egyptian cuisine restaurant with a twist has embarked on a journey to expand their horizons just for you! Not only do they deliver in Zamalek, you can now get your hands on their yumminess all over the downtown area. We Said This: You’re welcome, we’re sure we just made your day […]

Lighting Up Your Prayers

As Ramadan gets closer more and more people become more pious (who are we kidding, they should be but they aren’t!) Well for those of you who are looking to turn to God, U.K. designer Soner oznec has come up with a new prayer mat, that lights up with facing the “Qibla” EL Sajjadah – […]

Blend Furniture

We have been seeing a lot of interest in the furniture business in the past few years in Egypt. Well people there is new player in town! With not just a name but also main concept, Blend Furniture combines the different styles of furniture and blends them under one roof catering to the needs of […]

News Snippet: Ganz & Y – Lounge Team Up

This just in two giants are teaming up this Ramadan; Y Lounge and ByGanz! Stay tuned as we get you more scoop on what you can expect to see this fasting season!      Scoop Team Select Staff Writers from the Scoop Empire Team

Where in the World is Banksy?

That’s a question everyone asks and no one ever seems to know the answer! One of the world’s most wanted graffiti artists seems to have popped up in the West Bank recently! For those of you who don’t know who Banksy is, he is one of the world’s most recognizable graffiti artists, but no one […]

VW To Buy Porsche

Big news for the car world! VW and Porsche have officially become one! How you may be asking, well Volkswagen has officially finished acquiring Porsche in what is one of the largest car brand mergers and deals to go down. Already having owned near to 50% stake in the company, VW finished a deal last […]

Al Jazeera Twitter Account Hacked!

This just in! Seems that hacking official tiwtter accounts is the thing nowadays for revolutionaries. AL Jazeera’s twitter account (@AJStream) has just been hacked by Syrian activists and oh do we love a hacked twitter account.  The hack is hard to notice with a quick glance because the tweets stick closely to the news organization’s […]

Anderson Cooper Comes Out!

Anderson Cooper, of the popular CNN show 360 has, at long last, publicly said he is gay. He made the announcement in an email to writer Andrew Sullivan; “The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud,” he wrote. Cooper’s sexuality has long […]

Queen Elizabeth 2 Cruise Liner, Becomes Dubai Hotel

After buying the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise liner for $100 million five years ago, Dubai has settled on a use for it. The plan is to turn it into a floating hotel fitted with many of the storied vessel’s original furnishings. The ship will remain in the city state’s downtown Port Rashid facility to serve […]

The Amazing Spiderman – 3D Premiere

This is probably one of the highest anticipated films the year! The Amazing Spiderman is premiering here in Egypt this Wednesday by none other than those film lovers EventGate  If you haven’t seen the billboards all over Cairo already, probably means you’ve been in Sahel and Gouna too long! The official premier will be taking […]