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Anonymous Has A Message for you Israel

Anonymous, the world wide network of hactivists; activists that are hackers have now put Israel and the IDF on their radar. After the atrocities that have been happening in Gaza and the occupied territories they have now let out a stern warning. Check it out here: We Said This: Hacking into the Israeli government’s databases […]

SHM One Last Tour Kicks Off!

We told you before about the Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour, well tomorrow it kicks off in Dubai @ the Peppermint Experience @ the Dubai World Trade Center. The Trio DJ Extravaganza are breaking up and this is the last time they’ll be performing together so if you’ll be around in any of the […]

Dubai: World Expo 2020

Dubai have been striving to become one of the top destinations for business and trade and so it has become just that in the last decade. With increased pressure to always be on top of their game, Dubai has entered the bid to be candidate city host to the World Expo 2020! What is that […]

Lebanese Singer Fadl Shaker Turns Salafi!

Fadl Shaker on the Right praying with His Salafi Breathren From being one of the Middle East’s most sought after singers and crooners to a Salafi fundamentalist. The man who was known for his love songs and ability to make women swoon, has now shunned the entertainment industry and has decided to devote his life […]

One Republic Not Coming to Egypt?!

Oh fret not, it has just been postponed! As we had told you last week, One Republic had set a date to come to Egypt this November, but it looks like preparations for their new album held them back! They will though be coming early next year in 2013. We Said This: Stay Tuned for […]

Stella Turns 115 with a big Shabang

What can we reveal about this event, we’ve been sworn to secrecy but we just can’t hold back! There is this intrinsic need to share everything with you guys. So lets go over this one by one. First off, Stella beer is turning 115, can you imagine these guys have been around for that long?! […]

World’s Longest Cream Cake

A pastry shop in Geneva, Switzerland has celebrated its 25th birthday by baking a giant cream cake which measured in at 1,200 meters long, which converts into about 4,000 feet of sugar, flour and cream – setting the new world record for the Largest cream cake. Guinness World Records officials certified the cake as the […]

Amazon to Pay $252 Million in Back Taxes in France

The french authorities have ordered Internet retail giant, Amazon, to pay $252 million in back taxes, interest and penalties in relation to “the allocation of income between foreign jurisdictions”. Saying that the claim related to the taxation years between 2006 & 2010, Amazon said it would fight the claim, in court if necessary! Many European countries […]

John McAfee Wanted for Murder

If you have a PC then it’s most likely that you have McAfee antivirus protecting your computer. Well the man who is the genius behind creating the software is now wanted for murder. After selling his company for $7 Billion in 2010 to Intel, John McAfee moved to Belize to retire and spend his millions […]

World War Z

Once upon a time the hype was all about Vampires, now it seems to be shifting to Zombies and the likes. Next summer what looks like what may be the seasons blockbuster film with non other than dreamy Brad Pitt, World War Z will be making it’s debut. The movie is based on a Novel […]