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Ghazy. He's the mastermind behind the band "Ghazy and His Goons" which he proclaims to be the "best thing to Egypt has produced since the pyramids". When he's not making music, Ghazy is a football enthusiast who lives on Dr. Pepper and the not so manly "Rainbow Sherbet" ice cream flavour. His unorthodox persona helps him write about the most random stuff anyone can think off. But be warned, if you're easily offended or you're not so big on S & M then this thread is not for you.

Why I’m Utterly Outraged at Egypt as a Country

Why I’m Utterly Outraged at Egypt as a Country

This is a rant in response to the Jun. 8 sexual assault of a young woman by a group of men in Tahrir Square during mass celebrations of Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's presidential inauguration.

Let’s just face it, we’re a sh*t country. We will always be a sh*t country. In fact, we’re the worst country there is. And before I get all these guilt tripping comments: If you ever defend Egypt and Egyptians, you are just as bad as the rest of them. I’ve never heard of a country […]

Bassem Youssef’s Plagiarism Scandal

Bassem Youssef’s Plagiarism Scandal

LOL, so Bassem Youssef plagiarized an entire article and tried to take full credit for it. When he was found out, he claimed that he was busy with the show and forgot to cite the original article. Yeah, OK. He’s basically taking Egyptians for idiots, which they clearly aren’t. He should man up and admit […]

Bathroom Break with Ghazy: The Egyptian Pinky Finger Nail Syndrome

Bathroom Break with Ghazy: The Egyptian Pinky Finger Nail Syndrome

The Mystery of the Pinky Finger Nail I’ve lived in Egypt all my life, and during that time I’ve come across hundreds, if not thousands of men who have grown their pinky nails extremely long. These are men from all ages. Some are in their late teens, some are battling a mid life crisis and […]

Bathroom Break with Ghazy: Ghana Match Predictions

Here’s my prediction for Egypt’s crunch qualifier against Ghana. I have hope: Third minute: Treka threads a sick ball to make Salah 1v1 with their keeper. Their CB slices him from behind unnecessarily and Zaki makes a meal of it. CB sent off, Treka scores penalty. Now the Ghanians are feeling sick and worried and […]

Bathroom Break with Ghazy: What’s Going On in Egypt?

Looking at Facebook the past week was precisely why I decided to get out of Egypt. First, there was BBM getting so much undeserved attention by ex-BBM addicts who don’t need to use BBM anymore because there are already better options out there. Then there were the people hating on the people posting their pins, […]

Bathroom Break With Ghazy – The Secret of Life

So here it is ladies and gentlemen… God has bestowed the secret of life upon me: Do something you love and are passionate about. That’s it. Seriously. “Work Hard,” “Be Determined,” “Never Give Up” and all that crap advice will come automatically if you do something you love. Being happy is automatic too. Why? Because […]

Bathroom Break: Stop Trying To Be A Hipster!

Here’s a rant that’s been on my mind for a while. Basically, I met this guy from an extremely big advertising agency in Egypt who was trying to be something he’s not. It made me a sad Ghazy. He was also needlessly arrogant… I hate arrogant people. Besides myself. Here it goes… Most Egyptians in […]

Bathroom Break with Ghazy: Screw Politics

I’ve decided to write this and make it my last ever “political” post. This is a message to all the people I know: To all the MB supporters on my FB: Nobody cares what you think. You’re mindless brainwashed idiots. Nobody is against god and nobody is against you. You’re supporting a bunch of thieves. […]

Bathroom Break: Islamic Preachers

I don’t know why but Islamic preachers of all kinds really bother me. Obviously, it’s nothing against the religion, it’s just the mannerisms. I know they are trying their best to each have a different method of trying to convince someone but it gets a tad annoying. There are three types of Islamic preachers: 1. […]

Bathroom Break: Stop Unfriending Pro Morsi Supporters from Facebook!

What are the odds that every single Morsi supporter is bearded or veiled? I decided to randomly check the Facebook accounts of people that I know are religious… And unsurprisingly, they are all posting pro Morsi updates. What are the odds that a high percentage of Morsi supporters seem of a lower class? I’m sorry […]