Why I’m Utterly Outraged at Egypt as a Country

Egyptians celebrate Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s inauguration as president in Tahrir Square, where a woman was stripped, beaten and sexually assaulted by a group of men on Sunday night. (Ahmed Al-Malky)

Let’s just face it, we’re a sh*t country. We will always be a sh*t country. In fact, we’re the worst country there is.

And before I get all these guilt tripping comments: If you ever defend Egypt and Egyptians, you are just as bad as the rest of them.

I’ve never heard of a country that undertakes group harassment as a pastime when celebrating a historic event. I swear. I’ve never heard of that before.

Not even in Rwanda.

I’ve never heard of a country where group rape is actually being justified by “respected” TV personalities.

I’ve never seen so much harassment as I have in Egypt. I was reading an article that says 98% of women have been harassed at one point or another in Egypt.


Apparently, the remaining 2% never left their homes.

This is worse than other countries we Egyptians like to make fun of.

Like Rwanda.

We won’t ever be okay. These newborn activists and hippies in Egypt that weren’t even existent three years ago should pack up, go home and find a new career. Because we aren’t ever getting better.

Democracy, they say? Haha.

We won’t have a better education system. Ever. Our kids are idiots and will remain stupid, especially if we continue to make them feel that “Egyptian kids are the smartest in the world.”

When’s the last time you heard of an Egyptian kid or teenager do anything worth mentioning? Other than rape someone that is.

We suck at sports. I mean, if you’re going to suck at school, you might as well excel in sports, right? Nope.

We only like one sport. And we suck at it. We actually suck so bad at it that we can’t even beat the people that suck even more. The countries that suffer from civil wars and diseases are making it to the World Cup and we’re still in Egypt scratching ourselves like idiots.

We’re extremely dirty. Trust me, I’ve been to poorer countries where people don’t want to litter on the streets. It’s actually human nature not to do that. In Egypt, we do it so blatantly and surprisingly that I swear, when foreigners visit (I’m not even talking about Americans or Brits or Europeans – but more like Thai or even Singapori… Singaporishians? Singaporeans? Whatever.), they are in absolute shock that somebody would be driving, open his car window and just throw an entire bag of garbage in the street.

And it looks normal to the rest of us!

Even garbage trucks in Egypt tend to drive around spreading garbage along their routes. I guess they don’t want it all in one place?

I’m actually too pissed off to write anymore.

I’m coming back to Egypt tomorrow. I was so excited and now I’m not.

Don’t even know if I’ll have electricity. I swear people should think about this: Imagine if you tell someone foreign that your house just might not have electricity all of a sudden. And it goes off for hours. And you could be in an elevator for all they care. See what they might say.


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