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Marwa ElBehairy

When she's not drifting plans or crushing on some geeky fictional character, Marwa is a twenty-something dreamer who is willing to pick a fight with her imaginary spirits as long as it will get her some new material to write about.

I’ve Got That Overtime, Overtime Sadness

I’ve Got That Overtime, Overtime Sadness

I’ve had a feeling that work isn’t going away anytime soon, and I was right; it’s acting like an obsessive girlfriend who doesn’t get that it’s over. It’s October already, and my Instagram feed is still buzzing with pictures of this girl tanning and this guy walking his dog on the beach while I’m sitting […]

The Driver Who Drove My Distraction Away

One day, my driver was late. I waited for him and when he showed up, he apologized and told me that he was thankful because as long as I wasn’t mad at him for being late, he’d be able to share his breakfast with me. After a long stare, I told him that it was fine, and that I don’t usually eat […]