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An Open Letter to the Kim K Haters

An Open Letter to the Kim K Haters

I can’t believe how people are making such a big deal over this Kim Kardashian ass photo. You people are honestly pathetic. You sit there hunched over your phones wondering what filter on Instagram to apply to your 92nd duckface selfie, or tilted shot of your unimpressive lunch, and yet you shout with all your […]

Everyone’s a Fashion Designer!

I don’t know if its my overly criticizing character or the fact that Campus gave me a ‘free-pass’ for being a fashion critic that I became such a cynical character. If I wasn’t so innocent looking I’d be termed a bitch a long time ago. So forgive me for being too (lets term it) forward. […]

The Pharaohs Have No Clothes

Before the Olympics even got under way, Egyptian athletes received the most embarrassing news of their lives when the uniforms they had been given by the Egyptian Olympic committee where found to be fakes. What followed was a series of ludicrous statements by the EOC Chairman made in an effort to absolve himself and the […]

Coaching Headache Averted

One silver lining in Egypt bowing out of the tournament at the first knockout stage is that there wont be, well at least there shouldn’t be, any talk from the masses about how Hany Ramzy should replace Bob Bradley as the Senior Team Manager. Whether we like to admit it or not, there is certainly […]

El Galabeya!

I can not read another Facebook status or tweet about Galabeya fashion. Really people, come on, you’ve got fashion all wrong. Fashion is good for the soul. Full stop. Whether our new president may restrict what we wear and shit, fashion is for YOU first. The misconception here is that “style” and fashion are for […]

Locally “moda”

The word “moda” just pisses me off. Through years of collecting Vogue, obsessing about Fashion Week and going to extreme (maybe kind of sick) measures in shopping, I’ve realized that there is nothing technically “moda.” What’s on the runway is completely different than what is on high street. What’s on the high street differs from […]