Your Guide to Some of Cairo’s Public Libraries

By Salma Khattab

While reading our magazine is much appreciated, you also need know that reading actual books is equally important. Trust me! You will benefit a lot. I know you might be very interested in books, but you keep searching for excuses and not even trying to find the right place.

But dude, there are actually a lot of public libraries spread throughout Cairo. Some of them might even be meters away from your home. But if you are the other person who is really passionate about books, here is a list of different libraries that almost cover all the areas in the heart of Cairo:

The Egyptian National Library and Archives: 

Here comes the largest and oldest public library in Egypt that was established years and years ago. It has countless books of equally countless topics and volumes. You can find it on the Nile corniche of Bulaq.

The Central Library of Al-Azhar:

It’s second in importance following the Egyptian National Library and Archives. It has rare books and manuscripts on many different topics, including engineering, principles of Fiqh, and medicine. It’s located in Nasr City beside the faculty of language and translation of Al-Azhar.

Maadi Library:

In Maadi, you can find an ideal modern public library. Besides the books, the library aims at benefitting every generation as it gives courses for all levels and other cultural, scientific and artistic activities.

Misr Al-Gedida Library:

If you’re a resident of Heliopolis, then you need to visit this library in Almaza. It’s open from 8 AM to 10 PM. The library has books for all levels. They also organize events for intellectuals in philosophy and other fields. They talk about contemporary issues and how to solve them.

Greater Cairo Public Library:

Here’s to the perfect library ever. It’s suitable for all ages as it has books on many topics tackling different ideas. If you are living in or around Zamalek, this is your local library.

Misr Public Library:

In Giza, here is your library that offers not only books, but also many different activities that benefit all ages such as improving your hand-writing techniques and drawing skills.

Helwan Public Library:

Similar to the libraries mentioned above, Helwan Library offers different programs for different ages. You can also find several books with various topics. 

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