Checklists, Reminders & To-dos: 6 Apps For Arabs Looking To Get Organized

Every day our world becomes more and more chaotic. Amidst all the chaos one must organize the many aspects of our everyday life. Doctor appointments, birthdays, work, the list goes on. Prioritizing or simply remembering all these tasks can be daunting. Thanks to technology there is now an app for almost anything and everything. Whether you are a student or a family of five, we have compiled a list of our favorite organization apps that will make your life a little easier and more productive. We have categorized them to better help you find those who match your lifestyle.

The Best in Arabic

Are you looking for a platform that organizes your day but also adapts to our Arabic culture? “Ana” by Hsoub is an integrated tool used to manage your tasks and time. The platform is the only one of its kind available in Arabic and is available for free simply by creating an account and logging in from your browser. “Ana” allows you to categorize your daily tasks into several boards, whether they are personal boards or shared with your work team. Its main features include a to-do list, a notes section, setting reminders and goals as well as a messaging feature.

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The Best for Families

Being responsible for yourself is already overwhelming, imagine having to manage a whole family. Football practice, homework, doctor appointment, house chores and grocery shopping are only a fraction of what parents have to manage on a daily basis. We all know how chaotic a Middle Eastern household could get. That is why an organization app is an Arabic family’s best friend. Cozi is the best organization app in our family organization category. The app is designed with features specifically for families. All family members use one account and the app synchronizes their schedules. Keeping all appointments and activities in one place allows all members to manage their schedules efficiently. Cozi is divided into three tabs; to-do list, calendar and shopping list. Say goodbye to the million times you had to run to the supermarket because you forgot to buy toilet paper because Cozi allows all family members to update the shopping list collaboratively. Avoid nagging your kids and use the app to assign house chores for them, teaching them to share and work around the house.

Feature Overview | Cozi Family Organizer
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The Best for Students

School is where you first learn how and why it’s important to be organized. There are several apps that are designed for school or even university students to stay on track with all the homework and assignment deadlines. For students, we recommend using myHomework which is designed specifically to meet student organizational needs. Features include tracking homework, projects, and exams. The app is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface making it suitable for students of all ages. Never miss a due date when by setting reminders and sorting homework based on priority.

The best for Work-life Balance

Do you constantly feel like you are always on the go and torn between work and your life? Don’t stress because you can live the best of both worlds with a little bit of guidance from organization apps. Remembering a deadline for work is equally as important as sending a happy birthday text. In this category of work-life balance we recommend you use This is a simple app that helps you organize and keep track of all aspects of your life. The app is straightforward with no complicated or advanced features. The user experience is seamless allowing you to sort tasks, set reminders, and even monitor your progress on projects. For someone that is looking for a balanced life, offers a feature that allows you to categorize tasks such as work or personal tasks, color code and prioritize them.

The best for Work

This one goes out for the workaholic in you. Poor organization skills could crush your productivity at work, especially when deadlines are involved. The pandemic has certainly caused a rise in popularity of task management tools amongst businesses. So, whether you are an employer looking to incorporate project management tools in your work or you are a freelancer looking to increase productivity and stay ahead of tasks, you are bound to find our best organization app for work useful. Asana is our pick for this category. The project management app is available on mobile phones and browsers and it outperforms similar apps when it comes to ease of use and its distinct features. The app’s free plan is feature-rich and functional for businesses with a tight budget. It offers several view options for projects including lists, portfolios and timelines. Its most notable feature allows automation of repetitive tasks, this helps avoid all the useless communication and leaves time for the more important tasks. The flexibility and versatility of Asana make it compatible with almost all businesses.

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The best for the Notetakers

If you are a notes lover and love jotting everything down on your phone then this one is for you. Evernote is one of the finest note-taking apps there is. The app syncs across all your devices and has a browser version too. It is designed for the creative in you to capture your ideas. Its best features include smart search capabilities that allow you to find anything you have written before. With optimized OCR technology, the app can even identify handwritten words in messy handwriting. Like a notebook, the app sorts and categorizes your notes with different tags so that it’s easier for you to access the content.

While apps available to us are limitless, it is difficult to find the best ones out there. The next time you’re looking for apps to help structure your life, start using one of our suggestions.

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