Khorfakkan: A Destination For Adventure & Leisure Within The Heart Of The UAE

Are you staying in the UAE and searching for a quick getaway? Facing the Gulf of Oman is a small town beach town named Khorfakkan. The town is located in the Emirate of Sharjah and is most popular for leisure, adventure and beautiful scenery. With a strategic geographic location, surrounded by the Hajar Mountains on its western end and the beaches of Sharjah on the other, this town will definitely keep you entertained.

Khorfakkan Beach

Khorfakkan beaches are one of the most serene beaches in the UAE with a 3km long tranquil ocean in particular that comes to mind. You are surely in for a treat because you can witness the scenery of the sea hugging the dramatic Hajar Mountains. Surrounded by mountains, coral reefs, and crystal clear-water.

Experience The Thrilling Water Sports and Beach Activities

Looking for more thrilling activities on the beaches of Khorfakkan will surely satisfy your thirst for adventure. The beaches of Khorfakkan offer countless choices for fun in the water, from fishing, parasailing, kayaking and jet skiing. Explore the marine and coral life by diving in the crystal clear waters at Scuba Shade diving centre. The next activity is not for the faint-hearted, visit the shark island to witness black-tip reef sharks.

Hike The Rabi Tower Trail

Immerse yourself in the outdoors by hiking Al Rabi trails. The beginner’s safe hiking trail can safely be done in a few hours. Enjoy the lush green mountains whilst sneaking a panoramic view of the city. The trail begins at the historical 1915 Al Rabi Towers and extends up to the 395m summit.

Visit The Busy Port

Take a visit to one of the busiest ports in the UAE. The Port of Khorfakkan is one of three Emirate’s ports. Facing the Emirate of Sharjah’s sea, expanding connections with Asia and the Far East.

Visit Wadi Shees and Shees Park

Hidden within the heart of the Hajar mountains, is the Wadi Shees valley. The wadi is the perfect getaway for those in search of a secluded natural beauty. It is best accessed with a 4×4 vehicle to tackle the rocky road. This is a family-friendly destination, be sure to tag your kids along and take them to Shees Park. The park is equipped with a playground to keep the kids occupied and even has a BBQ designated area.

Visit the Amphitheater and Waterfall

Take a trip to the Amphitheater, a Roman-inspired architectural beauty. It is considered a local landmark and outdoor venue that can host up to 3500 spectators. Close to the theatre is a 45m high man-made waterfall is located on a natural cliff overlooking the Khorfakkan Corniche. If you are lucky, there are sometimes openings for visitors to see the water flowing down the mountain.

The next time you’re in the UAE, be sure to hit up these spots in the hidden gem of Khofakkan.

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